Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wedding ...Maberga Style

Honestly, I don't know where to begin this post. My cousin Bumpy and Doug's wedding day was one of those days in one's life that will never be forgotten - not by them, certainly not by David and me, and I got the sense that all the participants might feel the same.  I got that feeling because, well, most of them told me so. In short, the wedding was magical.

So where do I begin?

How 'bout I tell you about the new sweater I've started knitting after everyone left...Just kidding.

Let's start here...

The process of helping my cousin marry her beau at my adopted home helped make some things clearer than before.

I saw how deeply beautiful Bumpy is, inside and out

and how Doug is an amazing addition to the family, an awesome partner for my cousin, and a really fun guy to hang out with.

Once again I saw how my family (even the extended version) is able to support one another in whatever crazy ideas any of us might have - like getting married on the top of a mountain in Italy, for example.

And how important it is to participate in life events of friends and family, even if you have to travel 5000 miles to do it.

I saw that an accordion player adds a dimension to any party that can't be denied

And I understood in a completely new way never to fuck with the wedding planner

I saw how a decade of building relationships with people from all different experiences, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds can and do come together to make one day absolutely magical for everyone involved.

I also saw how a couple good eggs makes the whole omelet more fun

And, of course, it was confirmed that if you have an idea, conceived in a drunken evening in a place of love, it just happens.  It does.  Look

If you want to watch the extended dance version of the above photos, here is the slide show...

Sorry there is no music to go with the photos....I've been trying all weekend and, honestly, I could try until their 10th anniversary and probably never figure it out.  You all can participate in this wedding by singing whatever song you want whilst watching the photos. Enjoy.  We certainly did!

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Cleaning the exercise in self reflection

One really feels like an adult when she wakes up on a Sunday morning and thinks, "ya know, I really want to clean and defrost the fridge today. Looking into a clean fridge is really nice." And one really feels like someone's child when she realizes that she has this clean-the-fridge urge one week before her parents are coming to visit.