Tuesday, January 29, 2013

if it walks like a duck....

So I blew up this balloon the other day.  Balloons make nice starters for papier mache.  Anyway, I had this balloon and I thought, "damn if that isn't a blow fish.  I'm going to papier mache a nice blow fish from this balloon."

So I added layers and layers of paper and paste to the balloon until the point came when I had to decide what this fish was going to do when it grew up.  I mean, was it going to hang, or stand, or just kind of flop on its side on a table?  Hanging requires a hook, standing requires a stand, and flopping, well, doesn't require anything.  Given that this dude is probably going to be doing whatever it is he does in MY house, no hanging will be happening.  And flopping, well, I want more for him than flopping.  So stand he will do.  Also, I thought it would be fun to have a fish with legs.

So the little guy got some legs.  Damn if those legs weren't added directly in the center of my fish's belly.  Seemed a logical place to put the legs, that is if the person adding the legs didn't take into consideration the weight of the tail versus the weight of the nose, which I hadn't.  Little guy was going to be a perpetual sitter unless he grew some feet.

Still thinking that he was a lovely fish, I added some fish shaped feet.  I don't mean that they were feet the shape that fish have...that's stupid because fish don't have feet.  I mean, I made the feet in the shape of little fish.  Actually, relatively speaking, they are rather large fish since they need to hold up a heavy tail.

So now my fish looks like this.
He's actually a bird, isn't he? 

This reminds me of a little girl I once knew.  She just a slight waif of a thing but she was 10 feet tall on the inside.  She was a little bossy, rather opinionated and definitely had the gift for gab. Oh, and she was always right. This little gal's father was convinced that she would be a lawyer when she grew up.  I mean, if it walks like a duck...  But then the little girl did some living and, shall we say, grew some legs and a pair of big feet.  Damn if that little lawyer didn't grow up to be an artist.

You just never know....

Completely unrelated to anything thus written...this guy now sleeps with us every night.