Monday, April 28, 2008

a thank you note

Dear Mom,

YOU ARE THE COOLEST. That cable-down raglan sweater I asked you to knit for me is the best! It fits perfectly and that little extra I asked you to add to the sleeves is just right. The color, sunshine yellow...wonderful, and so functional, too. I definitely won't get run over while out wandering the Maberga road at night. This sweater is completely worth the 7 trips you had to make to the yarn shop to get the right magazine because I told you the wrong one.

I so totally hope that I inherited some of your knitterness, you know, in addition to those Moersch bad hips.

Would I be pressing my luck to ask for this?

many many thanks and much much love from your favorite daughter,


PS. The peanut butter cookies you added to the package with the sweater are, um, I mean, were awesome. THANK YOU.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Just before my stint here alone started, I hatched an idea for a new series of posts. These posts would be called "Look what I found in my house!" and each one would feature a stunning portrait of some new and interesting creepy crawly that I discovered somewhere inside my house.

In preparation I even photographed a fella (who I think came in with the sheets off the line). I actually made a whole photo shoot before I let him back outside...I got him in action, under a jar, on his feet, on his back, every angle was covered. I even put a piece of fruit next to him for a size perspective. Unfortunately for you all, David took the camera with him ... Fortunately for you all, I love playing with the Paint program on my computer (Ok, I don't really love it - actually I find it really limiting and frustrating, but it's all I've got) so I whipped you up a drawing.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Just curious

I had a thought driving home tonight after work...

If you run into a wild boar will it total your car like a deer does?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alone on the side of a mountain

For the next 6 months, off and on, I will be alone in Maberga. David's landed a dream job.

Day 3

Wake up, on the couch.

Let dogs out to pee.

Pee myself.

Have a coffee.

Write a little.

Knit a lot.

Take dogs for walk to Maberga Soprana.


Have a coffee.

Make jewelry.


Make more jewelry.

Make lunch.

Eat it.


Check email.

Have a coffee.

Check 5-6 different blogs.

Realize that no one has added new posts since 1 am when I checked last time.

Get pissed off.

Realize I haven't posted on MY blog for ages...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Culture Clash Collection - chapter 27

I’m home alone. David made one of his 36 hour trips to Murano in Venice to buy me some beads. Driving home from work I decided that I wanted pizza for dinner - a good ol’ fashioned, American frozen pizza.

I ran into the supermarket, b-lined for the frozen food section. While passing ice mountains covered by fresh fish, carts and racks and bins of amazing handmade cheeses, and the mile long deli with every size, color, flavor, and age of prosciutto I remembered that I’d finished the potato chips at lunch. Having an hankerin’ for some sea salt and vinegar chips, I begrudgingly perused my choices - cheese puffs, 300gr bag of plain chips, 500gr bag of plain chips or peanuts. On my way back from the junk food aisle I passed the fruits and vegetables. Fresh artichokes, peppers, aubergines, multi-colored pears, tangerines… I thought of the poor puppies at home, closed in for two days since it’s been raining. I grabbed a bag of lemons.

Just about ready to head to the check out, I spotted a friend. I could see from the other end of the store Robbi’s buggie filled with all kinds of cheeses, meats, veggies, pastas, fruit juices, bottled waters. I looked down at the stash I’d collected – a frozen pizza, an extra large bag of chips, a bottle of wine, a box of gum and some lemons.

I hid.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Have you ever wondered what other people notice about you?

Here's what some students noticed about David.

his big blue eyes

his solid body frame

his big hands and ears

These people noticed his.....

his long legs.

This person really captured his swollen throat, atrophied left leg and additional left hand digits.

And my favorite...the person who was really struck by how David creates a party (or chaos, depending on your perspective) and encourages everyone to sing (or scream, again, depending on your perspective).

On a completely unrelated note, the weather is warm and sunny prompting David to do this:

me to do these: