Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ya know, blog fodder is hard to come by.  That's why it's been over a month since my last post. 

Yeah, ok.  That's a lie.  Blog fodder is everywhere, everyday - one just needs to observe the oddities of life and jot them down.  I've been lazy, that's the reason for no posts.  Had I not been so lazy, you might have seen something clever written about the traffic jam we had in Maberga the other day.

Or something philosophical about teeth chewing teeth

(yeah, that's a bad picture.  it's Q chewing on the jaw bone of some unidentified animal)

Or about how rainbows in the valley just never get old

Or maybe there would have been a nice photo album of the Thanksgiving we hosted this year
(but I was lazy so there are no photos)

Or perhaps I would have shared some photos of the baby sweaters I knit for a soon to be granddaughter of a friend of mine.

Remember this idea?

Well, I certainly haven't forgotten it!

In fact, I've started one of those goal thermometers to measure my progress.  Here it is...

note:  the number has changed slightly from my original calculation.  Bad math (or poetic license) Gosh, we won't even need half what I'd originally counted.  All 12 of you readers just have to tell 4,167 of your friends to go to my website and buy something and we're there!