Saturday, December 17, 2016

It's that time of the year...

when I do things that are done only once a year, like....

write a blog,

and play the viola,

and put up the Christmas tree

Yeah, ok.  It's more of a Christmas installation than a tree. But, well, what is a Christmas tree anyway?  It's a plant formerly growing outside brought inside decorated with lights and ornaments assembled whilst listening to Christmas carols.... check, check, check and check.   As I was saying, today we put up our Christmas tree.  This is actually our 2nd tree since the first tree, a replica of last year's tree made by son-extraordinaire Graham, 

experienced a fatal encounter with my broom leaving the entire upstairs of our house flooded.  Looking now at this photo from last year, I see my mistake.  Just because that demijohn CAN hold 52 liters of water doesn't mean that it SHOULD.  Slightly over-aggressive sweeping led to a ever-so light tap on the belly of the bottle, which led to an explosion of glass and water, which, ultimately, led to the cleanest floor this house has ever seen and a Christmas installation

If you'll excuse me now I need to go practice Oh Holy Night.