Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Made it.

Here's our destination


Truth told, it wasn't nearly as horrible horrific hideous heinous hard as I had built it up to be in my mind.  Ain't that always the case. As far as cycling climbs go, it's the baby hill.  But it's still a hill.

David's clever.  He's been trying to get me to cycle with him for years.  I kind of thought that I had been cycling with him for years but he insisted that riding a 4 wheeled bike on the  path along the sea to the nearest bar for a coffee is not technically cycling.  "you have to start doing some climbs.", he would say.  "yeah, that's just not going to happen."  I'd say.

So he just waited.  And waited.  Then one day we weren't on 4 wheels any more but on two (well, 4 together but 2 each).  And we rode our two-wheeled bikes on the bike path to the nearest coffee.

And he waited.  Then one day I noticed that I wasn't wearing a cute floral print skirt and top anymore on these rides but rather I was donning the uglyass requisite gear....riding on the bike path to the nearest cafe.

So he waited and waited until a couple nights ago when I said, "I think we should ride to Badalucco!"

This "climb" was just challenging enough that it felt like a huge accomplishment and was easy enough that I actually made it.  Now I want to do longer and harder climbs.  That dude is clever....or at least very patient.

In Badalucco we had a welcome party waiting for us (at the nearest bar).  I suspect they are there every morning, not just anticipating our arrival, but it was nice just the same.
And Pino the Barber was just taking a break from making the inhabitants of Badalucco beautiful so he bought us breakfast.

David is still waiting for me to believe him decide that I need those dumbass cycling shoes that clip you to the pedals.  But now that I've got that nice cyclist's tattoo....
I might need those shoes for the next ride to Molini di Triora.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring is for...

...making stuff.
David's been making some bread

I've been making some bowls
and some buttons
and some sweaters to put the buttons on

And the rose bush has been making roses
And the apple tree apples
and whatever this is is making pretty white flowers
And the fig tree is making new leaves that look like butterflies sitting on its branches

Ruff and Q are making swimming
is making pregnant biscuits
Gino is making sardenara
Gianni is making a pizza while his wife is making quality control
Valerio and Jon are making friends
Isolde is making a cigarette
and a most unfortunately photographed but delicious dessert
And, last but certainly not least, today I'm making an attempt at riding my bike up hill.  Don't be silly, I'm not going to try to ride my bike up OUR hill.  David and I are going to ride to the next village up the road. It will be my first time off the very flat bike path that runs along the sea and onto the not so flat road to Badalucco.  If you don't hear about this ride ever again that's because I didn't make it.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

I soooo want to post a real post right now but....come on. Wisconsin is playing in like 4 hours and I need some sleep.    A domani......and .....On Wisconsin