Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Mental note to self:

Never never never again knit anything for a non-knitter. Never.

Those of you knitters out there, you understand. In fact, many of you have told me over the years this gem of wisdom, but I ignored it. Now, after being slammed for the last time (by my husband!), I have learned. Call me slow.

You non-knitters…let me explain.

I found these sitting on top of the washing machine yesterday.

Remember these socks? The ones that I gutted it out so as to actually finish the second one so my dear husband could have feet warmed with my love stitched into some alpaca. Remember?

Perhaps you, in this non-knitter group don’t really see a problem. Let me help you…

Get it now? Yep, he took my alpaca stitched love and, without a thought, tossed them in the washing machine.
If I had wanted to felt my love, I would have done so.


  1. oneofthedanes2:30 PM

    You have to tell your husband (if he is still alive) that the price for all the love stiched into socks is a bottle of good Barolo (every time!!!) This way you can at least have a good wine cellar some day. So sorry for you.

  2. EarleinDenver3:55 PM

    Well in David's defense I don't see any label or tags on the socks to avoid dryers. Guys need instructions for clothes, maybe not for electronics or power tools. The timing is good though with Valentine's day coming up, the perfect time to make ammends.