Saturday, July 28, 2007

I don't really have anything to say but I'm trying to get back into some kind of regular posting routine so here I am. I'll do what people we english speakers do when making small talk and there is nothing to say. The weather.

We need rain here in Maberga. Really badly we need rain. The no rain coupled with the intense heat has really fried things. And put the water level on our vasca in the red alert zone. Ok, there is water, not a lot but there is water. Our neighbor just decided that in the past week his fruit trees needed what water there is... more than David and I need regular washing. We've been doing what we can for our little garden but I'm afraid it hasn't been enough. Check out the tomatoes.

Speaking of tomotoes, does anyone know the english name for this variety of tomatoes? In Italian they are called cuore di bue (I think that's how it's spelled) and they are the best tomatoes that I have ever tasted. The best.

Oh, yeah, this is a knitting blog...let's talk knitting. In an effort to relax my mind and body from the insane schedule I have recently piled on myself, I decided to force myself to find time to knit. I really am a much nicer person when I am knitting regularly. I decided to knit this

It may look like a scarf but it is in fact a sweater. Yes, it is as narrow as it seems in that photo. I know that ribbing shrinks up knitted fabric, but I'm a little concerned at how much this has narrowed.

I even laid on top of it to see how much it's going to have to stretch.



  1. oneofthedanes6:38 PM

    Cuore di bue actually means bulls hearts, but why they are called that, I do not know. Maybe because you get a strong heart eating them. I´ll ask Roberto next time. And you are quite right, they are delicious. There is another tomato called Pomodoro dattero, which is also delicious. Looking like pomodoro ciglieco, but more oval.
    As for your knitting project, I just love the way your fantasy works

  2. Mike Rowe9:05 PM

    Alas, Lynn, we are being withered in Colorado as well. We have had a few cool days this past week (one day it did not break 80), and a modicum of rain. But for the most part it has been an endless procession of constant 95-to-100-degree days.

    I guess it is global worming, but even as you are being fried, England is being drowned in the worst rains on record. Not good either way. Strange!

  3. EarleinDenver4:36 PM

    Lucky for us we have the cabin where the temps rarely get above 75 degrees and it usually rains in the afternoon. The tomatoes look great but I am curious about the chili seeds we brought you. Have you had any luck with them?