Sunday, October 14, 2007

pot head

So I’ll fess up, right here to all the Olive Knitting readers…Olive hasn’t been knitting all that much lately. Work, beads, life, summer – they all got in the way of my needles.

As did a lack of inspiration.

And then I stumbled onto these.


I LOVE these hats, I love the pattern, I love knitting them. Everyone I know is going to get one of these hats.

I would like to claim the pattern as my own because it’s brilliant – totally fast to knit (I’m a slow knitter and can complete one whole hat in an afternoon), simple, and with a ton of room for variations. But it’s not mine. I found the pattern on Knitty - Winter 2007 (here). It’s called Flower Power and was created by Ann Squire.


Obviously I didn’t follow Ann’s pattern word for word…I used stash yarn- Rowan 4 ply wool/cotton blend. I had these leftovers in amazing colors from these socks that I designed*.

Remember them? They look strangely like the hats, no? Minus that cool flower, of course. I’m not sure that even I would put a stand up flower on a sock, though - it would be uncomfortable in the shoe.

I also changed the sizes from the original pattern. Ann has only infant/toddle sizes. As if an adult wouldn’t want to sport one of these Daisy-Head-Mazie wonders!

My imagination is now running wild…why stop at flower toppers? How about veggies on top of brightly colored hats? Or randome pig parts? I wonder if I could knit a likeness of that head I found in the pot on my stove. God, the possibilities are endless.

* These socks will be appearing in a book called Stitch Style Socks that will hit the shelves sometime in November or early December. The book is a compilation of, well, SOCKS. I don’t know what the other patterns in the book are like but I promise to give you a little review once I get my complimentary copy. You can preorder it on amazon if your excited for the patterns.


  1. bohring mama11:54 PM

    Olive - I really miss the knittig chatter - Know that you are busy with many other things. I am knitting a sweater that looks somewhat like "bubble wrap". Hopefully you will see it when you are here.

  2. Anonymous6:13 AM

    Love the hats. So colorful and fun.


  3. Hey Lynn,

    Nice socks. I have also 2 of my sock designs featured in the Stitch Style, Socks book. I can't wait to see the book!