Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hi. I'm really sorry that I've left that self pitying post up for so long. Whether you felt sorry for me or not the first time you read that, for sure by now you're sick of seeing that whining.

I don't really have anything fun or otherwise to say but I wanted a new post. How about some photos.

1. The next installment in the "look what I found in my house!" series. It's been raining a lot. Poor fella must have outgrown his own house and thought ours looked like a good fit.

Friends, that sucker is HALF A FOOT long.

2. Some cool Italy photos. I'd like to take credit but I can't, David made them. I won't disrupt your viewing pleasure with useless babble. Enjoy.

And lastly, just because this is supposed to be a knitting blog...