Friday, January 07, 2011

So I just got an email from Wayne (of the comments fame) telling me, and I quote, "Let's get up off of the couch and get back on that blog!!"

In fact, the couch is exactly where I have been. I can't help it, I've been digesting. And I find that's easier done in the horizontal position, preferably with a book or a movie.

A few nights ago we were invited to dinner for panini fritti. Yep, they are exactly what they sound like -- deep fried sandwiches. Whoa. I don't know if TNT tastes as good going down as panini fritti but the end results of the two is the same.

And yesterday was the Befana (aka: the epiphany, to Christians). Happy Befana. I've never really understood the Befana holiday. I guess I still don't. Befana is a witch. She comes on the 6th of January to bring presents to kids.

This site is kind of helpful for some Befana background. But I have my own theory which is that the Italians wanted to extend their Christmas holidays for yet another week after New Year, so they invented another holiday. They decided to make the mascot a witch because, apart from the gifts that she brings the kids, ya know what she really brings?

The end of your winter holidays. That witch.

So we were invited yesterday to celebrate the befana by, you guessed it, eating and drinking.

Pork was on the menu.

Are any of you who've been following OliveKnitting for awhile worried about the pig population in this country?...I'm starting to be concerned. Yesterday we had the usual 6 course meal. Of the six, only 2 didn't contain a pork product...those of course being the fruit/nut course and dessert. There were 5 pork dishes in the antipasti and 3 in the secondo. Oh yeah, and the primo piatto was ricotta and bacon stuffed cannelloni.

That's a lot of pork.

Just in case you were wondering, here was yesterday's Befana (or her husband) with the dessert....

Just a little tiramisu.

Today David and I did some grocery shopping. We've never bought so many veggies at one time. I should be off the couch in no time at all.

Happy New Year, Everyone.


  1. Miek in Boulder4:57 AM

    Watch out for all that pork, dear. It is NOT good for the arteries!

    Mike in Boulder

  2. Mike in Boulder5:01 AM

    Yikes! How do I edit a comment? I can't even spell my own name!!! OK, I have an excuse--it's Friday night. All the same, one should be able to spell their own name consistently. Or so I am told. :-)

    Mike (spelled M-i-k-e!) in Boulder

  3. I just love it! All that wonderful food and drink. Our favorite restaurant on board the ship is Portofino. Ah, yes, fine Italian food. Pork? Yes, pork is good. We neeeeeeed all that oil for healthy skin, right? Right. ;)

    I just love your posts.


  4. Leena,

    Now that's a blog! All that food, I remember our dinner at the farm house - 6 hours of non stop eating
    Burrrrp! Still looking for all of those goals for 2011!!

    Love, W&D