Friday, January 13, 2012

things that go beep in the night

I really need to unplug, to wean myself from the computer and all thing that beep and squeak when attached to a wall.

Last night David and I had just settled into bed when we heard a strange noise.

"What's that?", he whispered.

We listened some more.  The noise came again.  And again.  The unfamiliar, disyllabic sound came at regular intervals of 20 second or so.

Despite living in the middle of nowhere on the top of a mountain surrounded by beautiful nature and wildlife, I asked " is that animal or electrical".  Can it be true that the only sounds that register with me now come from some thing's battery dying?

David didn't embarrass me with an answer...or he was wondering the same thing.

Then the call, as I had come to understand it was, started getting fainter as its source began retreating from on our house.

"Animal." I announced.  Being as intimate as I am with my electronic toys tools, I was aware that none of them had, in the immediate past, grown little digital legs that would have been carrying them away from ear-shot.

"What do you think that WAS?  I have never heard an animal sound like that?" I chattered on to a mostly sleeping David.

And here's the clincher..."how can we google a sound?"

I think today I'll step away from my laptop (she says as she's blogging with her first cup of coffee of the day), take a long walk, and look for tracks.

Tracks should be easier to google.


  1. Mike in Boulder5:16 PM

    Beep is better than bump!


  2. Beeps, bumps, bops.... They all happen here. Sometimes they are from a human tripping over a dog on the way to the bathroom while the dog is rushing to take our place in the bed. Last night we had an even louder one when the security alarm went off while we were settled after dinner into our sitting room on the second floor. My Honey grabbed his gun, I grabbed the house phone (911 registers our address when I call), my cell phone (the security folks call that number before they call the cops), and my car keys (so I can hit the car alarm if I see someone on our property). The alarm was screaming at us then the voice on the alarm finally announced a window alarm was to blame. The battery was going, going, gone in that alarm. *sigh* All is well, but it did get us out of our chairs!