Monday, May 14, 2012

happy (late) mother's day

Just a quick Happy Mother's Day to my mom.  All you readers probably think that you have the best mom but you're wrong...unless you're my sister who's reading. 

I know this because I just got to spend two weeks with the super-cool chick (mom, have you ever been called that before?  I'm guessing not).  In addition to all the laughing and chatting and playing and shopping we did in this couple of weeks, she also taught me that you can't see a rainbow if the sun is more than 42 degrees above the horizon.  This alone would qualify her, in my mind as super-cool but what really put her over the edge in the mom category?  When I argued with her and told her she was wrong, she didn't lose her patience or even get offended that I didn't trust her 70 years of scientific study (she didn't spend 70 years just on rainbows...there's other stuff she knows too).  She just got out a book and showed me the explanation.

So, happy mother's day, mom.  Look what was waiting for me when I finally got home yesterday.

And you're was in the evening.  I think the sun was about 42 degrees above the horizon.

And, as apology for having doubted's a little song in your honor...

Maybe you all were expecting this one...

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  1. Awwww, how cute. So very sweet for your Mom. :)

    We love the Muppets, too, and watched their newest movie yesterday when the gang was here. :))))