Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just one party after another

So, today is Ruffino's birthday.  Happy 7th, Dude.

To celebrate I took the dogs up to the swimming pool when I got home this evening.  Usually evening swimming is against the rules-- you know, wet dogs, small house, sleeping in my bed, etc etc. But since we had a birthday and all, I bent the rules.  Actually, I didn't bend any rules. Ruffino "accidentally" pushed Q into the water, then shot me a quick glance saying, "well, since she's in anyway...." and dove right in.  That is one clever dude.

Back at the house Ruffino and Q got a big birthday dinner....a big ol' bowl of the same dry shit they get everyday, and I set off to prepare my din.  After a few minutes I noticed that things were a little too quiet.

Ah, yep.

Ain't a party til some one's dug up a grape vine. 

At the risk of letting my tuna surprise get cold, I went out in the dark to attend to the party.

"hey, you guys!  Were you digging?  I mean, I know you were digging, which one of you was it?"

Damn if all that Agatha Christie I watch isn't paying off...I'd say it was Ruff. 

Moving the party inside to mitigate further damage,  I caused more.  Ain't a party til something breaks....or is that spills?  Either way, I got us covered.

I guess it was the excitement of our big festivity that made me think it was a good idea to put a cup and a Thermos of tea on a tray when the tray was like this

 hell, might have worked had the Thermos been on the counter side of that tray. 

Well, after that I turned off the disco ball and cut the music.  Time for a little Poirot and some knitting.  Next year I'm giving Ruffino the keys to the car.  He can go to the top of a mountain alone and contemplate life for his birthday like the rest of us do.

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  1. It appears Ruffino had a great birthday. Perhaps next time he'll demand to order from the menu, though.

    When we go to sea one of the common questions is, "What do you do with your dogs while you are here?" My Honey calmly answers, "I give hem the keys to the fridge and the car and they're happy."