Monday, March 25, 2013


It's been raining.

I've been knitting.

it's been raining a lot




  1. Mike in Boulder8:52 PM

    Sorry, it's been snowing here. A lot. And its been COLD (down to 10 degrees F at night). And no, I don't knit. I've been shovelling snow instead. But 61 degrees F. is promised for Saturday!!! Right on!!!


  2. You really have had a happy knitting didn´t you.
    The Ligurian Dog- sweaters are looking great and if you made the hat to go with the sweater it is gonna make an awsome looking child.
    The new "chessboard" also looks great, but..... after happy knitting comes boring tying up all the ends.
    You are truly a great knitter, Lynn