Wednesday, November 20, 2013

So we took a mini holiday.  11 years living 1 hour away from Nice, France, we decided that it would be nice to go to Nice.  Yeah, ok.  We have BEEN to Nice before but just for an airport visit or maybe a morning at the market in the old town.  We wanted to be tourists. 

David found this awesome hotel right on the coast where we had a balcony picnic lunch.

Ok, that's the end of the story about our trip.  We only made like 3 photos.  No, not "like" 3 photos.  We made 3 photos. I'm sorry about that now as I try to write a blog post, but at the time I was happy not to be behind the camera.  It was fun to just be enjoying the visit without trying to capture it.

We were only in Nice for a day and a half but in that time we were able to explore the whole old town area, enjoy the view from our hotel room, have an amazing French meal at a small local place ( La Route du Miam-- I highly recommend it.  make reservations, there are only about 6 tables), and visit the Chegall museum (also very worth while!).

We also spent a night in Menton.  Not much to say except Menton is lovely town but much lovelier when the weather is nice.  On the way back home we stopped at an Italian mountain town above San Remo.  Check this out:

A church is way more impressive without a roof.

Ok, so that's about the end of the history's most boring post.  Sorry about that, I think I'm out of practice.

One last thing...

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  1. waynosd7:22 PM

    Thank God, we're back in the blog business. Love the cartoon photo of the skinny guy in knit shorts!