Monday, March 17, 2014

Back Home

Depending on who you are you will understand different things from that title.  It could mean "I went back home"  or maybe "I came back home".

Lack of blogging is because I went back home to Wisconsin.  Yep, 11 days of family, friends, food, fun, freezing, and a lot of frosty mugs and fries.  It was confirmed yet again that I have a frickin awesome family whose generosity of time, energy, dinners, gifts, and laughs really just don't stop.  I wonder if it would be like that all the time if I lived near them. Yeah, probably not.

Since I've come back home to Italy, I've been poking around looking at all the things that happened while I was gone.

Like the Oliveto, um, still being there (soon to be renamed the Lane Olive Orchard...more on that in a later post)

And the new hose David bought me for the orto...which didn't get planted unfortunately in my absence
And Q's tongue, which is still where it was when I left
And the newly conquered territory.  Land that had been such a mess for so long that we didn't even know where it was
(you can expect a lot more photos in the future from this's going to be my new outdoor secret garden.  don't tell anyone, ok?)

Some of these popped up while I was away

Spring also sprung and David made colors explode in flower form in the front garden. So, if you'll excuse me now, I'm going to take some of the yarn I bought when I was back home to that garden to knit and enjoy being home.

PS.  Happy St. Patrick's Day
PSS.  I am now writing another blog (in addition to this, not instead of) that is part of my new website (  It's all the crafty, artsy stuff I do, so if you don't care about that, don't bother.  But if you do care, tell all your friends.  Thanks.

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  1. Welcome back to there! ;) Yes, of course, I am interested in the artsy crafty stuff. I'll be over to take a look at your other site.

    Warm hugs from cold Ohio,