Friday, June 06, 2014

I have to avert my eyes

Going up to the land where our orto is, we have to walk through the neighbor's yard.  It's just the way it works around here.  I'd like to say he doesn't mind, but he probably does.  It doesn't matter either way since going through his land is the only way for us to get to ours.  We've got legal rights. go from here (our house)

to here (our orto)

We have to go through here (the neighbor's land)

I don't really suffer from obsessive compulsive personality disorder.  Ok, well, before I leave the house for an extended period of time (like trips to the US, or .... say....running to the store for milk)I run from the car back into the house 10 times  to make sure the gas is off, and there is no fire left burning in the wood stove (no matter when the last fire had been lit), and the gate is close with the dogs inside.  Yeah, ok so I do that but it seems like an insult to people who actually do suffer from OCPD to say that that qualifies me.

Having said that, I would kind of like to have OCPD.  I would really like to be bothered by the dog hair on my floor. I would love to be bothered by the mould growing across most walls in my house. I would really really like to be bothered that all our things official are collected in folders with very specific labels like "important stuff 2006-2013".

Actually,  I AM bothered by these things....just not enough to do anything about then.  I'm totally bothered by them, but not, say, as much as someone who will be kept awake all night tonight thinking about that horrible list of disorder that he can do nothing about (yes, I am referring to someone in know who you are).  I suspect that there are shades of OCPD and that I probably fall in the smokey grey area.

I am an OCPD wanna be.  Actually, I blame Martha Stewart..but I digress.....

So, passing through the neighbor's yard, going to our orto I see this......

Oh my god.  Are those the tidiest, most non-weed filled, straight rows of tomatoes with little crested walls to keep the water in that you've ever seen?

Check out his peppers
And his...whatever this is

Our neighbor also happens to be the 8 fingered carpenter who has made all our doors and windows He'd probably like to be more OCPD than he is...given his lack of a couple of fingers but I personally like his dark charcoal grey level of perfectionism.   We don't have leaks in the house (at least not with the work he's done). But as a colleague in the care of ortos.....

I'm fucked.

Cornwell orto 2014

Having said that, the scrappy Cornwell's do actually have fruit growing in ours

I ate these guys for dinner last night

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  1. Are you aware that you for some time now (more that 1 season) actually have maintained a garden!!! Not to mention that you actually are harvesting in your garden!! I would never have thought that, so just go ahead and be proud.