Monday, July 28, 2014

On the road, again

Yeah, I've probably used that title before for a post.  I'm too lazy to go back and check.  And given that we live on the road that we do, this probably won't be the last time you see that title.

The Maberga Consortium's new administration is getting right down to business.  Yep, an italian elected body that is delivering on its campaign promises.

Um, ok.  There were no campaign promises, there was no campaign.  The few of us who reluctantly volunteered to "hold office" in the rag-tag group of land owners knows as the Maberga Consortium have one charge and one charge only.

Fix the fucking road.

So the last couple of weekends a few of us did just that....we happen to be the same "volunteers" who hold office.

Here we are, rather proud of ourselves after a job well done:

But let's not jump ahead.

Here was the project:

Just a small pot hole about 1 meter in diameter and approximately a foot deep, located on the edge of the road, above a crumbling support wall.

Actually this was the second bit of road done by this group.  I didn't join in the neighborly fun for the first project because a) it was a much bigger job and b) I'm basically useless in these kind of projects.  For example, I can't really do this:

Well, I can but no one wants me to because I just slow them down.  I'm also not allowed to do this:

or this:

The only other woman there helping is probably very capable of doing all those things that the able-bodied men did, but instead she joined me in doing this:

That woman happens to be our president.  So she also had the fun job of being in charge.  Look at her in action:

Oh, I forgot to say that we did a little of this BEFORE we started working....

which may have been a mistake...

Anyway, it's all done now:

And our cars are grateful to everyone who helped:

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  1. waynosd2:01 PM

    OMG - What I would have given to be part of that gang. Must have been just like a comedy show with wine! The road looks good, can hardly wait to get to try it out.