Thursday, January 21, 2016

When did I become...

Laura Ingalls Wilder?

I'm not really sure when it happened but I noticed it whilst fillin' the water jug before climbing into bed in the loft wearing my new nightcap.

You see, despite all the luxuries that can now be found in Casa Cornwell like heat, and walls that don't crumble, and floors that don't sag and bounce, and our new kitchen couch....

when the weather does this
we still lose the greatest luxury we have....running water.  Yep.  Water tubes that hang in trees still freeze when the temp dips below 0.


  1. Maybe when you left the states to live on the prairie of Maberga. And you have to admit, that you have come far with a lot of things especially lately. Also it is hard to dig lines in a mountain to put waterlines underground. And even the ground may freeze too. I know it has here in DK. Luckily we have sun instead of at your place having to live in a cloud. Keep up the good spirit;-))

  2. WAYNOSD5:42 PM

    Sorry about the cold! San Diego is sunny and cold too - 45 Deg. F
    here this morning but warming up quickly. Rain this weekend.
    Love the new couch, great idea. TFC

  3. Little House on the Mountain by Lynn Serpe Cornwell. Nice kitchen couch!

  4. Uh, sounds very chilling. But I'm sure you make a perfect Laura Ingalls. Just want to see the ruffled cap on your head... Greetings from Mila

  5. How lucky are you to live in Italy!!!! I visited Italy
    in 2013.....wish I was still there. Loved the weather,
    food, buildings and produce.
    Cheers, Anita.