Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wild Thymes in Maberga

So, it occurred to me the other day when I saw this in the cupboard

And this on our land

"hey", I occurred to myself, "we don't need to buy no stinkin' herbes de provence when we can make ERBE DI MABERBA!"

Let's go.

1.  collect a bunch of herbs

2. hang 'em up to dry

3.  collect some onions, peppers and garlic

4. cut them, put them in a tray

5.  dry them in the oven at about 200 degrees for several hours

6.  remember that you are in Europe and your oven is in Celcius

7.  throw that shit away and decide that ERBE DI MABERGA won't have onions and garlic this time

8. finely chop the bunch of dried herbs that you didn't burn and put them in a cute jar

9.  realize that that amount of herb mixture won't even season chicken nugget

10.  go back out to the land to collect more herbs

11.  hang 'em up to dry......

It might be a while before we are eating chicken alla ERBE DI MABERGA.


  1. WAYNOSD2:02 PM

    Now that was funny! I think drying them in the window is a much better idea, not to mention the smell of burnt ERBES in the house for a week! Miss you guys. TFC

  2. The drying part of herbes is only to preserve them. You can as well use them fresh, so you dont have to wait to make chicken with Herbes de Maberga. Your story is as always amusing and well written. Love your sense of humor.

  3. Still it will taste like the blue and free sky above Maberga, like the rough stone walls, the warming sun and all the beauty around you... Wish I could it your spiced meal with you... Mila

  4. Okay, the charred garlic and onion cracked me up. Way to go Julia Child! HAHA