Saturday, April 16, 2016

Made in Maberga

 David and Franco are making some potatoes....

Can you imagine how many potatoes will come from that plot?  Me neither.

Q made a new friend....

 The fig tree made butterflies, which of course are really leaves....

 I've made a couple of spring jackets (see!  I do actually knit, and sometimes even mention it here on this knitting blog).....

 Below is a grannysquare jacket I made while sitting with Ruffino in his last couple weeks.  It's just like him -- big and white, cozy and soft, and just a little bit over the top. I love it.

 (this picture also shows the mirror I made our of our front door)

We're making some corn!  Knee high by the 4th of July my ass!  I think we'll be EATING that on Independence Day.

 And some tomatoes.....

The patio made a lot of color.

 The grape vines are making grapes.

David is making bread, just a little.

 I've been making some painting sketches

 And remember the knitting needles I harvested from the olive trees?  Yep...they work like a charm for making a shawl....

These extra large needles are waiting for a project.

And they'll have to wait because tonight I'm making Mila's shawl.  (Thanks, Mila!  I love this pattern and the yarn! I'm not going to bed tonight until it's done!)

Made in Maberga.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I'm dreaming of Liguria right now. And I love your Ruffino-Cardigan! I also love your selfmade knitting needles, your fig-butterflies and so on. Of course... Looking forward to your shawl...

  2. Whenever you post something new, I consider it a treat for the day.
    Love your blog, your knitting needles and all that you make and do :)

  3. Thank you for sharing all the happy spring time goings on in Maberga. Makes me smile.