Monday, January 16, 2017

When a friend gives you shit

Say thank you.

No, no.  None of our friends gave us shit about David's 1994 Fiat Panda.  No one would do that because a) everyone in Liguria has one, and b) because that car is awesome monumental (David has, correctly, pointed out my overuse of the word awesome). No, no,....look INSIDE the Panda.

Free shit for the garden!  AWESOME!   STUPENDOUS!

Winter gardening here we come.  

Or, well, here we are....

Two bed done, about 10 to go.  Perhaps you're wondering why we aren't rototilling that shit in with our new-to-us rototiller.  That's because our new to us rototiller became a new-to-someone-else rototiller last spring when it was stolen.  Oh well, rototillers come and rototillers go and shit still gets put in the earth. 

Here's some winter gardening already in progress.  David's growing wheat to grind in the mill to make bread to cook in the wood oven.

Sorry, kind of a shitty photo.  I'm still trying to learn to use my new smartphone (yes, I have entered the 21st century at last.  The jury is still out on whether I like having this new technology in my life.  Truth be told, I was sort of enjoying the solitude of my 20th century phone).

Just 'cus some of you's Ernesto



  1. WAYNOSD3:48 PM

    Yeaaaa a new blog. Can't help but think that Panda has gotta have an after-smell after that ! Love the new ORTOS - you guys are really into it.
    Growing wheat ? They have markets for that stuff. Try texting me on your new phone - let's see if you can broadcast across half the world ! 001 619 977-6521 TFC

  2. Wow, you really got a shit load of shit, didn't you! Happy Gardening. My back hurts just thinking of hauling around all that shit. We have compost bins - shoveling all that shit is a pain, too....

  3. Such a cute Ernesto!
    Wow, David is AWESOME :) growing his own wheat is impressive

  4. Awe I love Ernesto. Hope he hasn't discovered the shit you just laid down.

  5. Ohhh! Ernesto!!! I*'m looking forward to see him in summer! Wanted to mail you but somehow I don't have your email adress anymore... Sending you Greetings from Cologne... Mila