Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sorry for not writing for a while..

I’m really sorry not to have been writing….you see, umm, well you aren’t going to believe this. Can you keep a secret?

You see, just before we got that big rain storm last week, I finished this.

Isn’t it cool. It’s a letterman’s sweater. Yes, that’s a real letter earned by this little knitting gal from Elkhorn Area High School for my stellar contributions to the gymnastics team. Actually I sucked at gymnastics but I got a letter anyway…the E is for “effort” in my case. Anyway, I’d been wanting to make this sweater for a long time now. As I was saying, just before that big storm I finished it.

Then things got a little weird.

Just as I was sewing that amazing purple E to the front (no small task for an inexperienced seamstress with a new sewing machine, let me tell you) all the clouds in the sky started swirling. They were going in every different direction at the same time and there was a tremendous wind. The sky turned a bizarre shade of chartreuse. Then, just as I was making my last little acceleration with the foot pedal on the machine, an enormous lightening bolt struck immediately outside my studio window.

I’m not too clear what happened after that. I remember trying the sweater on and having a look in the mirror. This is what I saw (sorry about that drawing, I didn’t have the presence of mind to make a photo). David says he saw me grab a ball of merino sport weight and my number 4, extra long needles and then, apparently I took off running down the road shouting. All he understood at the end of a string of euphoric hollaring were the words “Wonder Woolman!” as I disappeared down the hill. A moment later he saw, what he swears was a very large bird in striped tights flying above the house and over the mountain top behind. It was several days later that David found me sleeping in our bed, just as normal as always. I thought I was just waking from a nap but David assured me that I’d been missing about 5 days.

So, that’s why I haven’t been writing, it seems that I have become the first Italian-American Knitting Superhero, Wonder Woolman.


  1. Oh My God! You are such a hoot. I just sit here chuckling and Denise
    keeps saying "what, what, what"

    She just needs to read it herself.

    Love you,
    Wayne & Denise

  2. Olive (or shall I call you wonder woolen)- Do you think you super powers are really from the high voltage occurence or are they perhaps are genetic? Perhaps they were dormant until you completed the puberty stage of your life. Well - use these powers wisely. there are many miracles that need to be accomplished.

  3. bigsis3:20 PM

    WHOA!!! How are you doing with all the free time on your hands? Have you found us a villa yet Wonderwoolman? You're unbelievable!!!!!! I was relieved to hear that you earned your letter from gymnastics, and not golf. How is David doing with all of this? Send him my blessings!!