Saturday, September 23, 2006

This might be problematic...

I was at a lesson yesterday and my student asked me if I'd heard?

student: "You have heared?" (we are still working on sentence sturcture for questions, and irregular past tense)

Lynn: "Did I hear what?"

student: "Please repeat, I not have understanded."

Lynn: "Did I hear what?"

student: "What here? Yes, here, qui! a SanRemo!"

Lynn: "No, I said, 'Did I hear what?"

blank stare

Lynn: "What have I heared?"

student: "ohhhh....."

He proceeded to recount the story that is the talk of San Remo...the story of a big, mulitcolored bird saving a baby drowning in the sea by dropping down some kind of long string.

Lynn: ", I not have heared.


  1. bigsis3:15 PM

    WHAT?!?!? Have you hearded any more lately? Sounds rather interestinged!!

  2. olive---your blogs are getting very creative and good reading. you might have too much time on your hands.

  3. EarleinDenver6:23 AM

    The picture of the bird looks strangely familiar.

  4. Is David out of town again?

    I sense some mental health problems aproaching !!