Friday, December 01, 2006

A few disconnections...

Did you ever have one of those moments of cognitive disconnect? For example, seeing someone strolling down the street in Taggia, Italy (population 1000) wearing a Green Bay Packer sweatshirt…”wait, where am I? That totally looks normal, that guy in that Pack shirt but, I don’t think it is normal in this current time and space.”

I had one of those today. I was driving into town and saw a blimp in the sky over the sea. As an American, ‘specially one who lived 8 blocks from Coors’ Field in Denver, seeing a blimp in the sky is normal. But there was a disconnect - 1. there was no ball park of any variety below it but rather the Mediterranean Sea, and 2. It wasn’t advertising anything. Given that it was missing two of the major characteristics that defines “blimp” to this american, could it still be a blimp? The thought, “maybe that’s the Hindenburg” actually passed through my mind - I mean, it seemed a more likely explanation than Reebok trying to cajole December beach goers on the Riviera into buying some new high tops. Then I remembered all “the humanity” – probably not the Hindenburg. I pulled over for gas and was ready to ask the gas guy about it…until I couldn’t find it any more.

Again….I might be spending a little too much time alone.

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