Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It must be winter. Stuff in the house is breaking down. Remember last winter? There was the water heater, the water, the car, the pellet stove, the toilet tube…wow. Then came the warmer weather, smooth sailing, relatively speaking of course. I almost didn’t have blog post material there for awhile in the spring and summer months.

Well, good news - shit is breaking left and right now. Blog posts galore!

Ever read the children’s book Fortunately? It goes something like this…fortunately a boy gets invited to a party, unfortunately it’s on the other side of the country, fortunately a friend loans him a plane, unfortunately the engine explodes, fortunately there is a parachute, and so on…

Here’s the Maberga version:

Fortunately Lynn and David bought a beautiful house on the side of a mountain with a beautiful sea view.

Unfortunately it didn’t have much electricity.

Fortunately, they were able to connect some wires to the bathroom for the water heater and the washing machine and then attach a lot of extension cords for the fridge and stove and stuff.

Unfortunately the wires to the bathroom were a bit too small.

Fortunately they worked for two years without burning the house down.

Unfortunately last week the small wires in the bathroom melted together.

Fortunately electricity is still going to the water heater.

Unfortunately it’s not going to the washing machine.

Fortunately this is not a big loss since the washing machine broke the week before.

Unfortunately at the same time the laundry is piling up the car is breaking down.

Fortunately a guy at David’s work can fix it.

Unfortunately he has to do his own work first so David has to wait.

Fortunately David just called and is on his way home.

Unfortunately he’s not driving our car.

Fortunately the guy at work says our car will be done tomorrow.

Unfortunately I’m somewhat doubtful of the reality of that.

Fortunately we live on the side of a mountain with a beautiful view so while I watch the sun set everything unfortunate seems like no big deal.

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  1. Oh Not again, good thing we're coming over to help get you back on you feet. Did I mention that I know a lot about electricity, even
    that goofy 220V stuff.

    See you in January!

    Wayne & Denise