Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm not sure, is this up to code?

That's our new home electrical system. Not bad, huh? We didn't do that bit of handy work ourselves. We had an actual electrician come up to Maberga to do that. I love this country. Only in a country were litigation is next to impossible would someone do something as "creative" as that. And this house call on a Saturday during the holidays only cost us 10 euro. I love this country.

I'm pretty sure that our old home electrical system wasn't up to code either or else we wouldn't have done this

In the old system, all the electricity for the house passed through that tiny little bit of now fried plastic. The system worked pretty well until yesterday when I took a bath and had some breakfast. That doesn't sound so dangerous, does it? I didn't think so then I remember where I was when I heard a big POP and black smoke started spewing out of the wall.

Taking a bath and making breakfast in Maberga requires the following:

1. electric water heater AND
2. electric heater for ice cold bathroom where
3. electric pellet stove heat doesn't reach AND
4. electric fridge to chill the butter for

the big topper... the straw that set the house on fire..

5. the electric toaster


So our creative electrician rigged this little bit of wizardry

1. that's where the current comes into the house. Yep, through a window. That's not new, it's always been that way.

2. this is the genius part. The electrician extrodinaire spliced that wire to

3. an extension cord and

4. the wire that carries the current to the rest of the house.

Brilliant. Freakin brilliant. And so aesthetically pleasing, too.

Just in case any of you are worried for our physical safety or reputation as official white-trash, our new favorite electrician will be back soon to do something a little less, um, temporary.


  1. Anonymous2:48 AM

    Now that is funny! Can hardly wait to get there and re-do your electric. Maybe I should bring some ROMEX wire to replace the extension cord. I'm sure we're gonna be burning up the power when we get there, just to keep from freezing to death!

    Wayne & Denise

  2. Kevin6:11 AM

    I like the high tech solution to your lo-tech problems. I doubt the IBEW would approve, but they don't have an inspector in your area, so you should be okay. And as far as the heater goes, I've been watching the DVD's of The Twilight Zone. I'm sure the ghost of the late Rod Serling would be interested in the rights to the pellet stove saga!

    Glad that at least the non-pellet stove is working!


  3. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Absolutely electrifying!!!!


  4. Anonymous7:39 PM

    Well, this is a scary event. I guess stone houses can burn. You're right that the draping wires are not quite your esthetic in decorating although there is a charming simplicity to them.


  5. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Kinda looks like our house - at least around the tv