Saturday, December 29, 2007


Can you believe that Olive Knitting has been around for 2 years?! Two years and 202 posts. Whoa. The blog-aversary was actually two days ago, but I forgot.

Remember that time when I kind of electrocuted myself on the water heater?

Good times.

Remember that time when our car was on house arrest for a month?

What fun.

How about that time we had no heat or water or neither?

Good times all of them.

Remember when the tube carrying shit out of the house broke and I had to duct tape it and that time that we erected a scaffolding with bedroom furniture at 2am to try to stop the hurricane from blowing in our window?

Hard to have more fun.

So much living in just 2 short years. Two fast years. Kind of makes you wonder what will happen in the next two. I mean, come on…if you had told me two years ago that I wouldn’t have to walk down the street to get from my upstairs to my down stairs I would have said, “GET OUT! NO WAY!” And yet, it’s happened. This alone fills me with complete wonder at the possibilities for the future. Is it possible that in the next two years we will have running water?

Thanks to all of you who show up to read my ramblings, commenters and non-commenters alike. Although I have to admit I like you commenters more.

A very happy New Year to everyone. May it be filled with joy, wonder, happiness...water, heat and yarn.


  1. Anonymous7:17 PM

    Lynn, Happy Anniversary. I'm one of the readers not always a commentator because I'm not blog savy and write and write and can't always figure out why it doesn't post. none the less, one in ten seems to make it. We've had a busy holiday. Look forward to more postings in the future. Always a joy to read.


  2. weavers3:24 AM


    Happy Anniversary - its been great to read the adventures of you and Dave. It is "Culture Corner" for those of us in the corn-fed midwest. Many good wishes for the New Year.