Friday, June 13, 2008

Meet Jacopo

As it happens, my new and improved studio also has space for musician and friend extraodinare Jacopo.

David and I met Jacopo on a tiny greek island almost 10 years ago. We had one dinner together and the rest is history. It's mostly his fault that we moved to Italy. His fault, but without his help in the early years we wouldn't have survived. (Jacopo, remember that time that David pushed his spankin' new convertible into the woods, inches away from plummeting to premature car-ly death down the mountain side if you hadn't found that really nice Enrico with the tractor to pull it out? ...what fun!).

As life's irony happens, he met a great American gal walking El Camino a couple years ago, married her and now lives in San Francisco.

Last night I was treated to an awesome dinner with conversation that lasted until always happens with this guy. This morning I got a free private concert as he rehearsed for some upcoming gigs in Turin. Check him and his music out at his my space page here . Dude plays the kazoo. The kazoo. And damn well, I must add. He also plays the guitar and sings.
Thanks for squeezing me into your very hectic stay in Italy, Jacopo. As always, great hanging with you.

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