Monday, June 02, 2008

time to tidy up the nursery

Ala that genius and sage Mary Poppins, I decided to invest a little time, energy, and paint in my studio. It's such a great space, I'm grateful to have it and I've been totally neglecting it, focusing too much on the stuff that I make in there and not enough on the atmosphere.

Maybe it was finding this week's entry in the "LOOK WHAT I FOUND IN MY HOUSE!" that has me wanting to move everything around, vacuum, bleach, vacuum some more.

Check that guy out! I found him floating in my dish water...which I suppose is better than my bath water, but freaked me out just a bit anyway. Note to self: check your shoes.

Anyway, back to the studio...

This room, when we bought the house, was the personal dump of the former owners. There was a dirt floor, a variegated fiberglass roof, an old pizza oven whose dome had caved in unfortunately leaving it just a pile of bricks, mountains of trash, and a little room that housed the toilet. At least that's what I was told, I personally refused to go through the little door leading to the toilet. Not that I'm really a 5 star kind of girl but there's something about climbing over 50 years of someone's trash, closing myself in a 2'x3' room and pulling my pants thanks.

Therefore, the room was one of the first projects. A floor was poured and tiled, walls build and a roof put on. Unfortunately we used a less than stellar guy to do the work and it’s all pretty half-assed. Apart from the rain that comes through the roof and cries down the walls and the breezes (gales) that waft (whip) through the (enormous) gaps by the door and windows, it’s just fine for me.

So yesterday with a spoonful of sugar and an amazing display of energy, time and paint, I gave the room a new look. Everything was moved out and the room was wiped down, painted, rearranged, and then, after a little culling, refilled.

With just a little organizing I now have so much more space!

Space to play with yarn

space to play with beads

space to play with books

space to display my goods when friends come over to shop

And space for whatever the spirit may move me to next.

What was all this space doing before?

It might have been housing this, which is still in the bedroom.

You think David will notice?

I’m pleased to report that I found no scorpions.

Completely unrelated to my clean studio except that I get to spend the day there because...Happy Day of the Italian Republic!


  1. Anonymous4:34 PM

    Wow, I barely recognize the place. It looks a lot bigger in your pictures. You should have framed the scorpion.

  2. Mike Rowe in Boulder1:02 AM

    Remember, Lynn, it is only the little scorpions that are poisonous! :-)

    In sorting through and enlarging the pictures, I am moved to ask if the room has a thatched roof/ceining? Sort of looks like it in the pictures!

    You now seem to have room to follow up on all your interests. Should your friends expect increased production? :.)

    Mike in Boulder

  3. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Great to hear that up-beat Lynn again. Summer is here and so is
    the new studio, now it's time to get back to work!

    It looks great, not sure where the guest/dog bed will be placed during upcoming visits.

    Wayne & Denise