Saturday, November 15, 2008

Check this out! Can you see it? That's the view from out patio looking up the valley. There's a rainbow in there. I had a puzzle exactly like that when I was a kid. Weird, huh? The real thing is better.

A little shameless self-promotion...if you find yourself in the southern Wisconsin area any of the weekends between now and Christmas, do stop by The Christmas Barn.

It's an artisan fair highlighting the work of "local" artisans. Among other hand-crafted treasures you can find maberga designs jewelry. The nice ladies organizing the event stretched their definition of "local" to include a girl living in Italy, making jewelry with glass beads from Venice. I guess they figure, as I do, if you've ever lived in a house in Elkhorn that was t.p.ed*, you are dubed a local for life no matter where you go or how long you've been gone.

Buy a lot of stuff - good folks making some beautiful stuff. They even have yarn - beautiful Alpaca yarn. I know because I have some of it. I've even met the alpacas it came from. Nice alpacas.

* for you second language English speakers, "t.p" stands for "toilet paper" - normally it is a noun, but can be used as a verb when it invovles teenagers throwing it in the middle of the night in the trees of a friend's house.

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