Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FOs and UFOs

Friends, the 2009 F.O.'s are just falling off the needles! Check these bad boys out (don't ask me why I've just given socks a gender but sock definitely are masculine - they aren't essential but really quite useful, they keep your feet warm in cold weather, they can be boring, jazzy, thick, thin, plain or colorful, they need a drawer of their own, and they get smelly quite easily - socks are boys)...

I really wish that the F.O.'s were falling off the fence makers blow torch.

Those verticals have been waiting for some horizontals, and some more verticals for a while now. UFO


  1. Anonymous7:27 PM


    Love the new header with the sheep and the olives. Sure hope the fence welder gets there soon, it's almost summer (and the Americans are coming again April 28!!)

    Wayne & Denise

  2. What's "FO", Foot odor? I think 8, 9, 10, and 11 are definitely feminine, not masculine. Guys just want socks, no color, just nice warm socks. What's with the metal verticals? Did I miss something?

  3. i guess i'll be making less socks now the weather is so hot here...

  4. Anonymous10:08 AM

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