Friday, March 27, 2009

really good friday

While drinking my morning cappuccino, David asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride by the sea today. Spring is really just about here resulting in beautifully sunny and warm days.

At about 9 we set out down the hill to the sea, heading to the new bike path. Once on it we went east, the direction less travelled which just about left us the whole thing to ourselves. Lovely. The sea was a bit rough so it was waving in the greatest shades of blues and greens. We passed through a mountain tunnel causing me to shiver and remember that spring might still be a few weeks out. On the other side of the tunnel was the town of San Lorenzo ... we stopped at a sea side bar to have a little glass of prosecco (italian champagne, aka: the breakfast of champions).

Back on the bikes, going back toward the car, we stumbled on the weekly street market in Santo Stefano al Mare. I love street markets. I will never tire of street markets. Never.

At about 11.30, feeling tanned, windblown, contented, and hungry we went home.

And what did we find as curved the last curve that drops you in front of our house?

The fabbro.

And the fabbro's assistant.

And....are you ready?....

A fence.

I can't tell you how happy I am with this fence. There's never been another fence in the world that has made me so happy. Never. Well, ok, maybe that 6 foot privacy fence we had in the backyard of our house in the heart of the Denver 'hood. The one that kept the foot traffic to the liquor store across the alley out of our backyard. That fence made me happy, too but well, a different kind of happy. This fence...well, I just can't tell you how much happier my life will be having it. Mostly I can't tell you because it's been raining ever since the fabbro completed his work so we haven't been able to enjoy our new fence at all. BUT, I'm sure it WILL make me happy.


  1. And it is a really nice fence. I remember the fence in the "hood" which served a great purpose and made your back yard beautiful with all your plants, but this is open to see the beautiful view of the valley. Hope you get some nice weather so you can sit outside and enjoy.


  2. Anonymous6:50 PM

    ... and a lovely fence it is.
    Can'wait to see it.

    Love to hear about that great weather!! No pellets

    Wayne & Denise