Friday, July 31, 2009

Foto Op Friday...

I've been trying to think of something to pontificate about tonight on this post...nothing came to me. I seem to be pontificateless at the moment.

How about a photo update instead?

Ok. Be sure to turn on your music accompaniment brought to you tonight by Wayne.

Let's go somewhere over Maberga...

Das Needles Ladies review:

I did bring you all with me to the Needles this week, just was a bit lazy in posting about it. Here you are driving down the mountain with me

And here we are meeting Christine at the bottom of the road

We also picked up Natalie on the way here at the usual place, where the giant mushroom meets the Studebaker

Yeah,'s probably not a Studebaker and, as an American I should know what that beast is, But still...

Back to Natalie and our date with the needles

This is Montalto where Mette lives. Well, actually here's the view from Montalto

Ok, skip forward. Here's the knitting

Umm, we actually had a lot more fun than that photo shows. For example, we all marvelled at the helicopter sweater in all its finished (Danish) glory

And another finished (Danish) masterpiece

Then we all went home. Christine took some of Natalie's bamboo home with her on her vespa (sorry, shitty photo)

Garden photo update:


Can anyone not grow zucchini? Me. Apparently I can not. See all those nice flowers up there? Not one zucchini coming. And don't tell me to be patient because I've had about 1 million of those flowers since I've started this whole exercise in futility known as my vegetable garden.


Who wants to volunteer to eat those beauties? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Should I kick this guy off my one decent looking tomato?

I'm happy to report that the cane that I used to build the fence to keep the dogs out is growing at exponential rates. I expect that it'll be a 6 foot privacy by September

(In case you're new to OliveKnitting or maybe an avid reader but a little dim...NO! I did NOT intend to have the cane sprout and grow...I cut it dead and used its dead can skeletons like a , umm, I don't know who uses skeletons, but that's what I did. That little segment I wrote there about it growing into a privacy fence... that was sarcasm.)

For my own self esteem, let's leave the garden and go to the studio and newly finished FOs (sorry for that bad wording...what I just said, if you don't speak knitiano was something akin to "here's a photo of my just born new-born"...yeah, you just don't say any language)

Beautiful white clean cotton washcloths

Don't you just want to wash your face?

I call these "Big Socks"

because, they are some big socks.

A couple of new hats

Which are always way more enjoyable to photograph on my own head than they are to knit.

Some blue socks

Which are, ..., blue.

And the mittens.

A blue one waving

to the orange/brown/rust/terracotta colored one

And here's a photo catching them both in action

(PS. You all need to be in awe of that last photo since it's my hands in those mitts, my eye behind the camera, and my big toe on the 'take picture' button of the camera. Don't mention it...I'd do just about anything for you readers.)

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  1. Mary said to kick that bug off that tomato, it's a bad one. Israel is Mary's favorite artist, shame that he died. Great video.
    Did that huge beast of a car make it to the top of the hill?