Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How big are YOUR tomatoes?

Mine are small...and a little shrivelled, if I'm honest.

My first harvest:

Ok, I know. It's not very impressive. And if I hadn't asked for advice yesterday, I would have left these veggies on the vine waiting for them to, well, become more impressive. Z and Carrie from the comments convinced me they should be picked.

It's a little difficult to tell the size of the fruits of my labors from that photo above. I made some photos to give you a little perspective:

That's a kiwi there next to my vegetables. Hold on, that's probably not helpful since kiwi are not of a standard size. Yeah, ok most kiwi I've known have been about the same size but I don't know how big the kiwi have been in your lives. Just in case you've never seen an Italian kiwi, they are not extraordinarily large...let's try something else.

That's my shrivelled tomato next to a key. Keys are of a relatively standard size, so you can see there that my tomato is on the smallish size. Hold on, keys are only standard depending on how old it key is. For example if I had put the tomato next to my bedroom key

well, it would be hard to tell anything about the size of my tomato...or my key.

Let's get perspective from something even more standard...

That's a 1 euro coin. All 1 euro coins are the same size. This, of course, means nothing to you if you've never seen a 1 euro coin. Here's some perspective on the size of a 1 euro coin (for those of you who live or have visited the US)...

So you can see that my tomato is slightly larger than a 1 euro coin or a quarter, or a key,unless the key is my bedroom key then the tomato is notably smaller, like the kiwi.

Um... I suck at this perspective thing. Just trust me that my vegetables are small, shrivelled and their colors are a little off. Now I'm going to go eat them. If I live (Carrie, I'm trusting you that I can eat a black pepper), I'll let you know about it tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Lynn, I think you need some more fertilizer. Chicken Poop as I remember.

    How about that new hair do ??

    .. and a picture of David in his Summer body.

    Wayne & Denise TFC -

  2. It's probably a little earlier for picking tomatoes, our's are still quite small and really green. Fertilizer might help as Wayne suggested also. The peppars look good, have you tried them yet?
    Did you get a picture of David or did he just come and go in the middle of the night?

  3. We're in north Florida. The season beings early here, but is not without pitfalls.
    My first crop of tomatoes was doing absolutely *beautifully* until we had literally a WEEK of rain.
    The two plants drowned.
    So I had to start all over. This time I bought gallon plants.
    It was just a couple weeks ago that I got some green tomatoes, and now just this week that one of my little Sungolds began ripening.
    Good luck with the rest of your growing season!