Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh my god...

...I just remembered that I have a blog.

So sorry about that, you see, Das Needles ladies met on Monday this week instead of the normal Thursday, and well, you see, Mette, being the always thoughtful knitting/crocheting mentor had found this lovely granny square blanket on the net, but, well, it's probably more accurate to describe Mette as, like, a complete addiction enabler, because you see, she didn't, like, just send me the link so I could, like, oooo and ahhhh over the beautiful blanket and let it drop there because, like, the pattern is in Danish, oh no, not that Mette, she's a get-to-it gal, so, you see, like, before I had even finished, like, wiping the spittle from my chin, girl friend had printed out the pattern, picked up her 4mm hook, instructed me to do the same and, like totally started translating that pattern, and well, that was, like, 4 days ago, and I haven't really been the same since, you could call it, like, some kind of granny smack high, or a binge or something like that, I don't know what, but, like, I've got it in such a bad way that today I decided I need some display space for my smack, you know, like, some place where I can hang the completed rocks, I mean blocks so I can just, like, marvel at their beauty without having to,like, handle them, I mean, like so I can look at them WHILE I'm making more of them, so, like, I was attaching some clothespins to my studio shelves so I could, like I said, hang the smack and, like, I was superglueing these pegs so my preciouses wouldn't, like, you know, like, fall on the dirty ground or anything and I, like, well, like, I was in such a rush to get back to the colors and yarn and hooks and rounds and waves and, like, all that beautiful stuff that makes a granny square a granny square and well, I sort of superglued the right half of my mouth together, but it's, like ok because I was,like, so grateful and happy that it wasn't my right hand because, well, like, I've taught myself to write and draw and stuff with my left hand but, like I'm just not good enough with the hook yet to be, like, a lefty, so like it would have been this, like, total disaster, of, like, EPIC proportions if I had accidentally superglued the pin to my right hand or maybe a couple of those fingers together or something that would have just been too much, I mean, I might have lost it but anyway, the mouth thing, besides being a bit uncomfortable is not such a big deal, actually, it's,like, become a really good excuse to not have to talk or anything and just keep making more granny smack, and like I just reread what I've written here and, like, I think that I better stop now, like, it's just not a healthy sign that this whole post is like one sentence, I'll, like, well, get back to you guys when I've slept this one off, I guess it's just NOT a good idea to smack and blog, OH, like, did I mention that the new granny squares are not squares at all but are HEXAGONS!? Oh my god...


  1. Mike in Boulder8:09 AM

    Like, Lynn, like, this old English teacher, well, like, absolutely detests, like, the use of the word "like" as, like, every third word in, like, a sentence. Like, as my old friend, like, the Queen in "Alice in Wonderland," like, said: "Off with her head!" :-)

    Mike in Boulder

  2. Just say no Lynn! Ok I can't either, mitten mittens and more mittens.. I'm smitten with mittens. Now I'm starting a purse.... uh oh don't have enough needles for all the projects!

  3. Anonymous12:50 PM

    You're starting to sound like a Valley Girl from East L.A.

    Finally a blog! Been missing them


  4. you CRACK me up! can't wait to see em! I always laugh out loud when reading your posts :))