Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ya know how your mom always told you (or maybe tells you), "be sure to wear clean underwear in case you're in an accident"?

Yeah, well, I found its Italian corollary today - what Italian moms tell their kids (probably just their daughters): "when you're sick, make sure that the floor is swept, all the dishes are done, the counters are wiped off, your doggie couch covers have been shaken, you've burned incense or baked a pie or sprayed air freshener, that you have snacks available, that you're wearing clean clothes that don't look like pj's even if they are, and have brushed your teeth FOR WHEN the neighbors visit."

Because they will visit.

I know this about my Italian friends now so I do what I can to NOT let them know if I've been taken ill. This week, we were having Augusto and Lina over for dinner on Wednesday but had to cancel because it's hard to entertain when your head is lying either on a pillow or the toilet seat. So obviously, they knew.

Lina visited this afternoon to check on me and bring me some of the french coffee that I like so much (it's lighter than Italian espresso and therefore nicer in the french press - french coffee, french press, it makes sense). I just think that's so darn nice ... and for me, today...intensely embarrassing.

Mom, you would have been proud of me...if I'd been in an accident.

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  1. Head on the toilet seat? that can't be good. Hope you are feeling better today.
    I had to take Mary to the hospital last night, her stomach hurt so bad. After a bunch of test they found nothing serious but gave us some antibiotecs and pain killers to make her comfortable. Feeling better today.
    Good luck with you illness and hope you are feeling better soon - Earleindenver