Wednesday, August 25, 2010

a little life

So I just got out of the tub, pulled my night shirt over my head and a scorpion fell to the floor...from the t-shirt I'd just put on. That's nice.

Apart from that excitement, there really hasn't been any - excitement, I mean. I know I've been neglecting my blog, friends. Sorry about that. But, well, you have to have a life in order to write about it.

Along those lines, tomorrow I'm gettin me a little life. Those of you who know about this plan- keep the traps shut, per favore. You never know who is listening, or reading, as it were. I'll have the camera and will be sure to report back. I promis. Maybe.

Did that scorpion climb into my shirt while it was folded in my armadio or did he just find a soft, white bed while I was in the bath? Either way, it's a little disconcerting. I might have a tough time falling asleep tonight. You?

a presto


  1. Yipes! We just have spiders in Denver and maybe a few carpenter ants that want to eat our cabin. Looking forward to the (maybe) pics and life story. If you talk to David, wish him a happy B-Day for me.

  2. Oh, goodness. Well, we don't have things that crawl out here, just giant octopus, really big fish, stuff like that rising out of the sea.

    Seriously, I wouldn't like crawly things coming out of my clothes as I put them on, either....

  3. Maybe someone should check on Lynn to make sure a scorpion didn't get her. Hello, anybody home?