Saturday, September 04, 2010

So, where were we...

Oh yeah, I was getting myself a life. Here it is...

This guy had a birthday last week,

And seeing as how Ruff and Q's

favorite sitter

was shacking up with me, I thought it a good opportunity to get on this

And go here

to surprise that birthday boy

Luckily for all of us, that birthday boy's lovely sister was visiting to celebrate her birthday (which is just a few weeks after her big year apart, poor mamma Cornwell - she must have been cursing life 50 years ago, 'specially given that her two infant children had been proceeded by 4 other siblings, all one year apart...but I digress)

They had been cycling around Tuscany when I met them in Siena

And crashed their party

They didn't seem to mind, though

Then little sis came back to Liguria with me

where we did some of this

And a lot of this

And danced a few times to this

Life ain't so bad when you get one.


  1. It's a good life!

  2. And don't forget the rolling grapevine, the Travolta and the eggbeater...
    Thank you both SO much for having me. Best trip ever!

    xxoo R

  3. What a lovely life filled with family and friends. Thanks for sharing the great images. ;)


  4. Brenda Duncan9:03 PM

    Great photo of David, also of you together. Love your blogs, Lynn.
    Brenda xx