Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the news from Lake Maberga...

"Please come in, Signor Cornwell. The dentist will see you now."

David relaxes in the dentist's chair, as one can only do in the chair of a dentist, while the assistant shouts out to the doctor what needs to be done "cavity in 14, 23, 27" (or whatever the numbers are for identifying teeth). After 45 minutes of drilling and topping off cavities David goes to the secretary to settle the bill. He notices that the file sitting on the counter, the file the office had been working from, is mine.

"Ummm, just for the record, that file is my wife's. I'm DAVID Cornwell, not Lynn."

Small, nervous laughter, "good thing you and your wife have cavities in the same teeth."

So it goes.

And just for our record here, the dentist was french, not italian.


  1. you know, they say that the longer you're married the more you come to resemble eachother. Wasn't aware that teeth were included in the process.

  2. Oh, my goodness. Funny in a strange sort of way, but scary for sure!

    While at sea off the Coast of Norway some years ago My Honey had a tooth ache. I could tell from years of experiences with my teeth that he had an abscessed tooth, yet the tooth itself still sat solid in the socket. Our dentist in the USA would open the tooth to allow it to drain, prescribe antibiotics, then do a root canal a few days later. Tooth saved.

    Nooooo, not in Norway! Over there the mantra is, "Pull, Baby, Pull!" We argued with the dentist about that, so disgusted and mumbling he sealed up the tooth instead of opening it enough to allow it to drain and relieve pressure and sent My Honey away with pain meds. After a few more weeks at sea with pain, we got home to the USA where exactly the treatment I expected was performed by our dentist. My Honey still has that very important tooth today and he is very glad he has it.

    Our moral of the story: If you need dental care, come to the USA!

    And, I have a question: Were your cavities filled free of charge by your French dentist in Italy?

  3. Mike in Boulder4:24 AM

    My teeth hurt in sympathy!