Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring bling

I needed some color. Doesn't everyone after the gray months of winter? Here in Liguria we don't really have gray winters since the sky is usually still blue and the mountains stay green...but blue and green still make for a limited palette.

So yesterday the garden got its first shot of color for the season ....

and today, I started this which I found here

It's a great pattern - I started this morning and am almost done already (not that speed equates to great, but, well, for me it usually does). I'm sorry to misrepresent the simple beauty of this cape/poncho by my use of variegated rainbow colored acrylic yarn ala the 1970s. It was a moment of weakness in JoAnn's when I was in the States. I was feeling ironic. This poncho is the 3rd thing I've tried to knit with this mega rainbow ball (did I mention that it's like 1000g in one skein?). I ripped out the first two because they were horrid. Funny, isn't an ironic, yet colorful kind of way?


  1. Beautiful flowers. I look forward to having some here! The yarn is pretty in that picture. One of the problems I have with the pretty multi-color yarn is that the patterns sometimes don't land in very good order. I know, work with two balls at a time to spread the colors in a more random pattern. I look forward to seeing your finished project.

    Thanks for your encouragement for my Etsy store. Less than 24 hours after the first order a second came in. This is fun!


  2. Love how the yarn seems to match the colors in the beautiful photographs. Is it really possible you have all those lovely blooms blossoming at once ?
    From the portion of the poncho you show here, doesn't look ironical to me.........Looks rather gorgeous. Do post photo of finished project.
    Love, B.

  3. Hey Lynn, sorry about the last post looking as though it came from Rachel. She's visiting here on Spring break and must have changed my settings. I'll ask her to fix it when she returns. I'm technology challenged !
    Love your project.
    Hugs, Brenda