Wednesday, October 26, 2011

what's in a verb?

Quite a lot, so it seems.

Take these two phrases, for example:

Save for a rainy day

Plan for a rainy day

I always kind of thought they meant the same thing but ohhhh noooooo. Save Plan -- two different actions completely.  Let me show you...

Saving for a rainy day

 That's my stash for a rainy day.  I'm a saver.

PLANNING for a rainy day

 That's my neighbor's stash for a rainy day.  He's a planner.

As you can guess, when it actually rains, you'll wish you had planned not just saved.  Saving without planning leaves you with a bunch of wet wood that means shit when you want to start a fire.

I am happy to report that my husband is the planner to my saver.  He stashed some wood inside for me...planning for the first rainy day.


  1. Mike in Boulder5:31 PM

    RAINY day? There's a foot of fresh snow on my deck, and the snow is continuing to fall. Give me a rainy day any day!


  2. Ah yes - it helps to be a planner and a saver.
    Here's to many hours knitting in front of the fire!

  3. Those Cornwell boys are planners, that's for sure. Nice to have them by our sides.