Monday, October 17, 2011

So, maybe you've noticed that I've been a little spotty in the blog posting.  Yeah, well.  I've been busy.  It's looked something like this

Remember my Maaema Scarf from the creative Denise at Lost City Knits? Yeah, well, I still haven't finished it.  I got about 3 feet into it and then something distracted me.  Kind of like this...

And then....the other day a very special package arrived in the mail. A wonderful, amazing gift just for me!  I know it's just for me because it was my birthday gift to myself.

Check this out!

Yep, that's some really awesome sock yarn all the way from Oklahoma.  Let's just admire it again... 

I ordered it from Lost City Knits.  So when it arrived I remembered my poor Maaema scarf and, with the willpower of steel that we all know I possess, I'm determined to finish the scarf before I let myself fondle knit with my new treats.

Look at what the colors are called...

If you are a knitter or know a knitter who you would like to make really really happy,  check out Denise's yarn.  Her colors are amazing.


  1. oneothedanes9:14 AM

    Maybe it is about time somebody forbits you to celebrate your birthday on the top of a mountain. I am so happy that David went there with you this year. And dont forget we prefer you with long hair!

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    So, is that first video a parable about obsessiveness or stubbornness? And yes, Denise's yarns are amazing. Paolo