Saturday, March 31, 2012

Creative cooking with Lynn -- Hops and Hot dogs for Breakfast

If you happened upon this blog post by googling "creative cooking" because you were, like um say, looking for something to cook, you can just move along.  I don't mean to push you away, you're welcome to stay and poke around, it's just that I think it's safe to say no one reads my blog for the recipes.

So I was at the San Remo fruit and veg market yesterday getting some, well, fruit and veg, when I notice a basket of this

The sign said "Luppolo".  Not knowing what Luppolo is I asked the guy behind the counter.

"It's luppolo."

"Yeah.  I see that.  What is luppolo?"

"It's luppolo.  You know what they make beer with."

"Sold.  I'll take a bunch of that.  So, what part of it do I eat?  The leaves, the stems?"

"You eat it all!  What are you going to make with it?"

Well, since I didn't know what it was until 1 minute ago, and I don't know which part of it I'm supposed to eat, well, I can't say I know what I will make with it.  "Any ideas?", I ask.

"Oh it's delicious.  You can do lots of things...frittata, risotto, or even just steamed with oil and lemon."

My friend the green grocer left BREAKFAST BOWL off the list.  That's what I made with my luppolo.

So, a breakfast bowl is a creative cooking creation of my very own.  This is what it is, essentially, you take any left over meat or veg from dinner the night before, if you don't have any you clear any meat or veg out of the fridge that is close to needing to be thrown out. 

 Fry this stuff up in a pan, add some onion if you want.  Then toss a few eggs on on top of the mixture in the pan and cook this up.  When this is finished, dump this meat/veg/egg stuff on a bed of any left over carbs (rice, potatoes, whatever) from the night before.  Serve this in a BOWL and eat it for BREAKFAST...thus the name.

This morning, Hops and Hot dogs Breakfast Bowl.

If you so choose, as I did this morning, you can garnish the bowl with some fresh know, to hide the hot dogs.

And that ends today's session of Creative Cooking with Lynn.  Buon appetito.


  1. oneofthedanes10:07 AM

    The first picture made me think of wild asparagus and of course I started being envious that you found some. Now I realize that Hop is the same as Humle in danish which means that soon I can go back to Denmark and try out your recipe because I have a big plant of Hop growing over my roof every year. GREAT

  2. Well, gosh, with that introduction what was I to expect? What I found looks pretty darned good. I look forward to getting home to my own kitchen in about ten days. :) Fun post!

    Sunday hugs,

  3. waynosd3:41 AM

    I really like the Post Office stories and maybe a little water story too!!

  4. I didn't know the shoots were edible and desirable! Mine should be coming up soon, thanks for the tip!