Sunday, March 04, 2012

So, I spent the night in the emergency room.  Nothings serious, don't worry.  Just a little bout with the stomach flu.  Well, 'little bout' being kind of like, well, imagine a full water balloon that has had about 10-20 holes poked in it. Now squeeze the balloon.  Can you picture the water squirting and spewing out of it everywhere?  It was that kind of stomach flu. I know you all know THAT kind of stomach flu.  So anyway, that flu caused some dehydration and the dehydration caused some hyperventilation and the hyperventilation caused my tongue to go a little thick and that caused my miserable, wimpy screams of fear and pain to sound like 100 cats in heat fighting in our bathroom, which caused David to take me to the emergency room to get some fluids.  Probably a good decision.

That was last Wednesday.  Essentially, I've lost another week to the couch, having only enough brain power and attention span to make a few of these.

More washcloths.

I suppose at this point I could wax on comically about my 7 hour San Remo emergency room experience.  I suppose I could describe in vivid 1940's war era detail the underground, secret tunnel that David and I had to traverse after parking in the wrong lot.  Or about the drunk in the bed behind me screaming about his god, making love, his children, his land and alcohol -- none in very flattering light.   Or about the security guard and 90 year old respiratory patient trying to shut him up.  Or I could, at this point, write a witty essay about how important it is to have nice looking pjs and clean slippers, just in case you are ever whisked off to the ER whilst you are donning said dress. (mental note:  buy new pjs and slippers).  

But instead, because my mental capacity is about tapped, I'm just going to tell you about how freakin' inspirational it was to be surrounded by old ladies in the hospital each covered by a hand crocheted afghan.  Honestly, if I didn't know that I was only there for the stupid stomach flu, I would have thought that I had died and gone to crocheted afghan heaven.  Four of the 6 folks in the room with me were sweetly sleeping (or trying to be as not miserable as possible) under multicolored, well-loved blankets.  (I don't know if the drunk had one, I couldn't see him).

So if you'll excuse me now, I'm going to do a little work on this...just to be ready for next time.


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you were so sick. That's no fun at all. :((( About the afghans, I think it is sweet that they are used at the hospital. I wonder if they donated to the hospital or do the patients' families bring their own. I remember when my former mother-in-law broke her hip in Greece. At the hospital (wasn't "modern" medicine first practiced there?) she was expected to provide her own bed linens, clothing, and food. That would have been fine had her family been on the same continent.

    I hope you feel much better. Happy crocheting!

    Happy Sunday,

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better and had such a fun time in the emergency room.
    Trying again to get the words right below.