Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's me, Ruffino. 

Seeing that I was able to set up an email account and get on facebook yesterday, Lynn decided that I could write a post for her.  I knew I shouldn't have told her what I did yesterday while she was out.  Anyway, she's really busy papier mache-ing (whatever) so she told me to write about her outing with David yesterday.  So here goes.

I guess they went for a bike ride.

Which is really no big deal, except that the bike looked like this....

Finally, they did it.  I mean, geez, Lynn's been talking about renting one of those things for like 3 years.  Anyway, she said it was really fun and they "are totally going to do it again" (she says "totally" a little too much, don't you think?).  

Given that it was Liberation Day here in Italy yesterday, they rode around in that thing handing out candybars to the locals.  Just kidding - they didn't do that.  But they did ride it through this tunnel....

I guess it was a beautiful day on the coast.


And I guess they stopped for a little snack...

Nice....while Q and I were home starving our asses off.  Whatever.

Lynn just barked that I'm not to forget the flower market they saw.

And David wants me to include this photo about the famous cyclists they saw.  

 I guess the guy on the right is a big deal.   David told me that it's really important that he has all those colorful stripes on his sleeves.  Whatever.

Lynn says that they would have come home right after the ride except they got a little distracted at the supermarket.  This I can understand.  I guess there were free samples.  Free food is cool with me.

Wait!  They aren't eating!  Look at what the free samples were...

That David.  He's just a walking party...

After all that they came home.  Honestly, if you ask me, the focaccia David made for dinner was really the most interesting part of yesterday.

I guess I'm done writing.  Anyway, I'm on facebook now if you want to say hi.  

sniffs and licks,



  1. Well, gee, heck, that was different! Nice trip. And, Lynn, how is that papier mache-ing going? ;)


  2. Great post Ruffino. That bike looks bigger than the cars behind it. I haven't seen anything like that over here. Mary would love it too. Say hi to David and Lynn for me and I hope you got some of that focaccia.