Friday, November 30, 2012

Efficiency, heat, ligurian dogs.....

Since I made that big life change, leaving the US and my full-time office job, I've been trying to work on my multi-tasking ability....getting rid of it, that is.  I've discovered that multi-tasking is an excellent way to do a lot of different things at one time in a totally half-assed way ("totally half-assed"....wouldn't that be "full-assed"?  anyway, you know what I mean).  Not to mention, multitasking just sucks.  So, as I was saying, I've been trying to cure myself from this illness.

This doesNOT however mean that I don't appreciate things that multi-task.  Quite the contrary....I LOVE things that do more than one thing.

Take for example our new kitchen stove.  That puppy, in addition to being nice to look at, heats the house AND cooks dinner at the same time.  Now there is some multi-tasking that I can enjoy. I suspect that David wishes he could say the same thing about me....but I digress....

And then there are my newly knit hats
Two-in-one, they are!!!!
And if your neck is colder than your head, you can just wrap that thing around you...instant scarf. I guess that makes it a three-in-one.
 Two hats and a scarf in one garment.  Come on....multitasking genius.

Lastly....and this doesn't have anything to do with multitasking but friend Christine and I now have a live website with our little jewel creations.  Christine paints tiny watercolors and I make them into wearable art.  Please check out for wonderful gifts for the holidays....for someone else or for yourself.  You could multitask by buying one for yourself which would make you happy and bring joy to everyone who looks at you wearing the same time. 

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  1. waynosd5:35 PM

    What ????? No more pellets ??
    You have moved into the 20th century. It looks very nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Too bad those pellet guys will be loosing all of your business. But I guess you'll start taking care of the propane guys instead!!