Thursday, November 08, 2012

I'm not much of a morning person.  'Course, I'm not much of a night owl either.  Or maybe I'm both.  Yeah, let's say that I'm a morning/night switch hitter.

Being yanked out of bed when I'm not quite ready is just fine by me if I get to see this out my window

Absolutely amazing.  That's the town of Castellaro there on the hill and in the v of the valley between the mountains the island of Corsica is popping up out of the sea.  Yes, Corsica.  Let me show you where that is (for the geographically impaired)

Yeah, ok, crappy map.  I mean, it's a cool map, just not readable.  Maberga is up there top left where Italy meets France and Corsica is that yellow island (I don't think it's really yellow) above Sardinia (the green one....which, I believe is actually green).

Have a nice day.


  1. waynesd2:58 AM

    I had no idea that Corsica was that close! and of course I never saw it from Maberga. Are you getting ready for winter. It's going to snow in the San Diego mountains this weekend. I'm still in shorts but that will short lived. Wishing we were in Maberga.
    Rumor is that American Airlines has hot deals to Europe in 2013. We'll keep an eye for flights to Maberga - NOT!!!

  2. Beautiful picture. I have seen it many times before of course but have never seen Corsica in the distance.

  3. Mike in Boulder6:54 PM

    Morning wouldn't be so bad if it started after 11:00am!