Sunday, January 13, 2013

When I lived in Denver and had one of those jobs that you are required to be at for the better part of a day, I had a reoccurring dream.  Actually it was a day dream. In it, I rented a cabin in the mountains.  I would pack my car with knitting, books, magazines, movies, good food and wine, and a puzzle then head up to this secluded hideaway alone.  I'd spend a few weeks there doing nothing but, well, knitting, reading, watching movies, eating and drinking, and doing a puzzle.

I woke up on Friday morning only to realize that I had landed in my old dream.  It's a bit of a mystery how it happened that I've come to live that dream, but there you have it.

The live version is even better than the dream was because my creative  activities aren't limited to what I can carry.  In this live version I have my whole arsenal of creafty/art supplies. Fantastic.

So I haven't left the mountain in 3 days.  In this time I have:

--papier mached 3 bowls, 3 birds, a duck, 2 1/2 houses, 3 things (I don't yet  know what they'll be when they grow up), 2/3s of "War and Peace", and a blow fish.
--watched about 12 murder mysteries
--eaten cabbage stew, carrot cake, a bag of peanut m and m's, and some smoked salmon
--hand sewn a dress (from a's awesome!)
--nearly finished knitting my birthday jacket
--taken walks and picked flowers with the dogs
--not done a puzzle.

Dreams are good.

 Two houses and a blow fish watching the fire

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  1. Anonymous3:31 AM

    Oh, I thought the round one was going to be a paper mache Death Star! :-)